words after words

sometimes , our story were accidentally be the same ! but mine is still mines , and you are yours . I just kept mine . I laugh , yahh I do ! I cry , often . I smile , sure for every single day . I talk , always and still talking even when Im sick . thats so me ! I used to laugh , cry and talk everytime when its needed . Im poor thing , nothing special on me . just a lil girl who will make your day cheers , full of love and get into messy sometimes . Im sweet like a candy , but beware ! I'll make you regret of living if you try to bother my life . take a look here , happy stepping by !

terima kasih :')

Untuk ke ratusan kalinya tidur dengan linangan air mata .
terima kasih yang tak terhingga , tersangat terima kasih :')

bye !

Tanah Tumpahnya darahku

Skuad Harimau Malaya yg bermati matian bermain utk negara . Syabas perwira ! korang semua memang hebat ! salute spring sama korang . tp sayangnya aku hanya menonton di rumah sahaja bersama teman temanku kerana kehabisan ticket ! serious kecewa oh tak dapat ke stadium ! apa apa pun , tak kira lah aku kt rumah pun yg penting jiwa raga , semangat dan sorakan aku tetap di stadium ! aaauuuummmmm !

Walaupun Harimau kalah ditangan Singa , tidak bermakna kita kalah utk selamanya . korang tetap HERO diahati kami semua ! atleast kita kalah bermaruah sbb kita berjuang bermati matian menentang Singa . kami dapat merasakan semangat Harimau ketika berada dipadang . kita tak ada pemain import seperti mereka , kita bermain untuk negara dengan pemain kita sendiri . kita bermain dengan cara dan gaya seorang yg professional , bukan bermain dengan lakonan yg sengaja direka cipta utk memenagi sesuatu pertandingan . aauuuummmmm !

Walau apapun yg terjadi , kita tetap memenangi perlawanan itu , kita tetap terbaik ! korang HERO , korang TERBAIK , korang HEBAT , koranglah PERWIRA negara ! masih banyak peluang untuk kita berjaya . go Harimau , go go go ! ♥ you HARIMAU . aaaauuuummmmmm !

SEMUT relationships

Seriously I'm deeply fallin love with you baby !
lama gila tak hang out sebab kita masig masing busy dgn career masing masing ;(
rindu dohh nak tidur sekatil sama sama , mandi sama sama , bangun lambat sama sama , makan sama sama , masak sama sama , gelak ketawa sama sama , merepek apa bagai sama sama , shopping sama sama , merajuk sama sama , menangis sama sama , celebrate birthday sama sama , blur sama sama , kemas rumah sama sama , SEMUA sama sama ! RINDU MACAM NAK MATI !

Una Roffi

My Semut Hitam . I know the first time that we met , you can be a good girl for me . warm hearted , too much secrets to kept by yourself , crazy but bluring sometimes , stylish , branded but you always says that "mana adalah , una beli kt kedai biasa je pun . takdanya beli kt boutique ;) " haha , I know you were lied to me , cause 'AKU YG SHOPPING DGN KAU ' haha . so funny you're baby . Idoloveyoualways baby , sincerly . thank you for being my girl !

Amy Shazrina

My Semut Merah . You're sooo crazy baby ! you will do what you wanna do , otak last minute ! haha . kepochi , potpetpotpet , braces , over spend , boyfriend there , boyfriend here , boy boy boy ! haha . flirty girl , warm hearted , childish ,  stylish , and you look like a stupid baby sometimes . Idoloveyoualways baby . thank you for being my girl !

And The Name Of Allah , Iloveyouyouyouyou forever semut semut ku ! thank you Allah for lend me the two of them in my life . such a craziest girls that i ever had ! I cant wait this coming friday to date with you guys ! tidur sama , makan sama , merepek sama SEMUAnya sama sama macam dulu lagi . ughhh I'm counting the times . tiktoktiktoktiktoktiktok . . . . . . . . .

RIP beautiful :')

LONDON (AP) - Amy Winehouse , the beehived soul - jazz diva whose self - destructive habits overshadowed a distinctive musical talent , was found dead Saturday in her London home , police said . She was 27 .
Winehouse shot to fame in 2006 with the album "Back to Black" , whose blend of jazz , soul , rock and classic pop was a global hit . It won five Grammys and made Winehouse - with her black beehive hairdoand old - fashioned sailor tattoos - one of music's most recognizable stars . But her personal life , with its drug and alcohol abuse , eating disorders and destructive relationships , soon took over her career .
Police confirmed that a 27 - year - old female was pronounced dead at the home in Camden Square northern London ; the cause of death was not immediately known . London Ambulance Services said Winehouse had died before the two ambulance crews it sent arrived at the scene .
Singer and actress Kelly Osbourne , who helped Winehouse check into a drug addiction treatment facility in 2008 , was one of many who grieved for the singer on Twitter .
"I cant even breath right now im crying so hard i just lost 1 of my best friends . i love you forever Amy and will never forget the real you !" she tweeted .
The singer's father , Mitch Winehouse , had arrived in New York this weekend to prepare for his U.S . performing debut Monday night at the Blue Note jazz club , but upon receiving news of his daughter's death was heading back home to London to be with his family , his publicist Don Lucoff said .
An ambulance could be seen parked beneath the trees outside her London home , and the whole street was cordoned off by police tape . Officers kept onlookers away from the scene .
Last month , Winehouse canceled her European comeback tour after she swayed and slurred her way through barely recognizable songs in her first show in the Serbian capital of Belgrade . Booed and jeered off stage , she flew home and her management said she would take time off to recover .
Winehouse was last publicly seen on at a London concert on Wednesday when she joined her goddaughter Dionne Bromfield on stage . In that impromptu appearance , Winehouse danced with Bromfield and encouraged the audience to buy her album , before leaving the stage.
"I didn't go out looking to be famous ," Winehouse told the Associated Press when "Back to Black" was released . "I'm just a musician ."
But in the end , the music was overshadowed by fame , and by Winehouse's demons . Tabloids lapped up the erratic stage appearances , drunken fights , stints in hospital and rehab clinics . Performances became shambling , stumbling train wrecks , watched around the world on the Internet .
Born in 1983 to Mitch Winehouse , taxi driver , and his pharmacist wife Janis , Winehouse grew up in the north London suburbs , and was set on a showbiz career from an early age . When she was 10 , she and a friend formed a rap group , Sweet 'n' Sour - Winehouse was Sour - that she later described as "the little white Jewish Salt 'n' Pepa ."
She attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School , a factory for British music and acting moppets , later went to the Brit School , a performing arts academy in the "Fame" mold , and was originally signed to "Pop Idol" svengali Simon Fuller's 19 Management .
But Winehouse was never a packaged teen star , and always resisted being pigeonholed .
Her jazz-influenced 2003 debut album , "Frank" , was critically praised and sold well in Britain . It earned Winehouse an Ivor Novello songwriting award , two Brit nominations and a spot on the shortlist for the Mercury Music Prize .
But Winehouse soon expressed dissatisfaction with the disc , saying she was "only 80 percent behind" the album .
"Frank" was followed by a slump during which Winehouse broke up with her boyfriend , suffered a long period of writer's block and , she later said , smoked a lot of marijuana .
"I had writer's block for so long" , she said in 2007 . "And as a writer ,  your self - worth is literally based on the last thing you wrote. .. I used to think , 'What happened to me ?'
"At one point it had been two years since the last record and (the record company) actually said to me , 'Do you even want to make another record ?' I was like , 'I swear it's coming .' I said to them,  'Once I start writing I will write and write and write . But I just have to start it .'"
Refferences ; Google 
Here some photos of Amy Winehouse that I like the most ! 

She's just gorgeous ! 

The tattoo and pierce was just cool baby ! ohhh . .

I love your style , so 60's

May you RIP beautiful Amy Winehouse :')

Halusinasi Mimpi

Harini mimpi lagi . . .
mimpi mengarut dan mengarut lagi . . .
tak sukaaaaa ;'(
kadang kadang siap mengigau , menangis bagai . . .
pheww , candy kejut manja je ;)
candy tanya , " tak basuh kaki ke td ? "
err aaa basuh lah , setiap kali sebelum tidur mesti basuh =,='
doa tidur , ayat 3Qul tu wajib !

moral value ; jangan percaya mimpi  ! haha . okay cukup untuk harini , kbyebye :)

beautiful man

okay , update untuk kali ni tentang "beautiful man" !
tak tahu kenapa aku tersangat jatuh cinta dengan mereka berdua .
ohhmann !

Synyster Gates !
Damn , how i melt everytime i look at you !

seriously , rasa macam aku nak terkam kau lepas tu nak cium kau .
boleh ? errkk -.-'
kau sangat cool Syn !

ni lagi seorang ni , memang rasa nak gigit je !

Matt Shadows
kau ni lagi seorang buat aku tersengeh macam siput busuk .
kenapalah kau cute sangat ni ?
ggrr !

dengan dimple kau , taring kau , pierce kau sana sini .
hisshh cool tahu ! 
jangan senyum macam tu , nanti rasa nak gigit !

diorang ni dari band A7x , tp dia dua orang ni mmg aku minat gila gila punya !
cool , macho , comel , handsome , semualah !
haihh .

ni lah band members diorang . tengok Shades sama Syn yang paling cute kan ?
memang diorang i beautiful guy lah wehh .
hihi . setuju tak ? kalau setuju lambai kt camera sana . 
haha . dah , ni je untuk harini , nak tidur . kbyebye !

eh kejap ! Shades , Syn . I do do do do love you guys since i was 15 !
keep rockin , keep smilin .

thank you BABAH !

Alhamdulillah . BlackBerry dah menjadi milikku !
BlackBerry Storm Tab Screen :D
Thank you babah sbb hadiahkan BB ni !
ini hadiah sempena pointer aku yg memberangsangkan .
wuhuu ! :D
melompat lompat macam beruk boleh ? haha .
okayy , sebenarnya dah hampir 4 bulan pakai BB  ni pun .
tp baru ni dapat share sebabnya macam aku cakap haritulah kan , BUSY ! 
sigh -,-
so sekarang ni tgh free , bolehlah aku belek belek blog ni haa .

well , since dah ada BB ni mcm saving sikit credit aku sbb BBm je sng . haha .
tp love tak pakai BB . so kenalah call or text dia . tak boleh BBM lah , ya dop ? haha .
okayy , BB dah ada . so lepasni aku target nk beli iPad2 pulak ! 
insyaAllah , amin amin :)
aku malas nk type panjang , cerita merapu apa bagai . cukuplah sekadar ni sahaja yaa .
mata aku pun dah layu je ni , letih tak hilang lagi .
nanti next time aku merepek lah lagi . 
okaybayebye !

p/s ; photo BlackBerry tu nanti lah aku upload . sekarang mahu rehat sampai puas kasi lebam ! 

with love again !

my bestie ever ! 

thanks love !

by : LOVE 

by ; LOVE again 

pada malamnya .
movie ; Transformers . yeahh !

by ; apit 
thank you apitpitpit ! :D


p/s ; some photo cant be upload , its just for us to save it safely ;)

Imissyou :(

alynn dan yumi


rinduuuu ;(

. . . . . . . . .

- - - - - - - - - -

fasya . baby . alyn . yumi

Iloveyou guys ! and Imissyou like crazy ! rindu nak berfoya foya mcm selalu :(
sekarang kita masing masing busy , kau kerja aku study .
 sekian . .

precious moment ♥

raawwrrrr ! iloveyoubabyy !
thank you cik mello challo chan ! :D

after movie : Harry Potter ! yayyy !

by : LOVE 

kembali ! ;)

okayy , I'm back ! haha . lama gila wehh tak update blog kaaannn .
dah berlumut agaknya ni ;D
serious busy cuti sem hampir dua bulan ni !
photoshot melambak lambak , vacation , futsal , family gathering dan juga berfoya foya bersama mereka yg tersayang .
haa hows life baybehh ? hope everything was going well just like mine :)) praised be to Allah , for letting me be happy with everyone around me . 
well , life is getting more better ! alhamdulillah yaAllah .
I'm doin good and always trying to be a good girl for everybody as well .
actually , it is too many great story to tell yah . some have to keep it tight and some shall be share sometimes .
aku bukan penulis blog yg pandai berkata kata seperti kau dan kau dan kau , dan aku juga bukanlah penulis blog yg setia setiap hari mengemaskini cerita cerita menariknya . aku cuma menulis dan mengemaskini apabila mempunyai masa terluang dan bila perlu sahaja :)
wahh , macam A.Samad Said kauuu ! kelassss gitu . haha . puuiii !
oh , other stories will be update very soon ! by far , its enough to keep you guys know that I'm still alive . hahahaha . be good yah ! byebye .

written down by : this lil girl :)