words after words

sometimes , our story were accidentally be the same ! but mine is still mines , and you are yours . I just kept mine . I laugh , yahh I do ! I cry , often . I smile , sure for every single day . I talk , always and still talking even when Im sick . thats so me ! I used to laugh , cry and talk everytime when its needed . Im poor thing , nothing special on me . just a lil girl who will make your day cheers , full of love and get into messy sometimes . Im sweet like a candy , but beware ! I'll make you regret of living if you try to bother my life . take a look here , happy stepping by !


Please behave yourself FAKKA !
Just be yourself , and mind your own life .
Dont let me do something that will make you regret bout everything !
oh , last but not least , go and fuck yourself cause i never give you a damn stupid things .
what a bitchy , oh poor thing .


okay , time to delete everything about those bitchy girls\guys . bye bye beautiful liar and faker !