words after words

sometimes , our story were accidentally be the same ! but mine is still mines , and you are yours . I just kept mine . I laugh , yahh I do ! I cry , often . I smile , sure for every single day . I talk , always and still talking even when Im sick . thats so me ! I used to laugh , cry and talk everytime when its needed . Im poor thing , nothing special on me . just a lil girl who will make your day cheers , full of love and get into messy sometimes . Im sweet like a candy , but beware ! I'll make you regret of living if you try to bother my life . take a look here , happy stepping by !

keep moving on

Imma tough young lady . .
I'll go with the flow . .
I'll fly away from the side of yours . .
I can make my own way withOUT 'them' . .
I know where am I , and will never step backwards . .
Im happy and happy for every single day . .
I used to laugh when I accidentally remember 'it' . .
yahh , its work ! I can laugh !
ohh myy , I can even laugh even when 'you' are not here with me . .
see , I told you right ? you are nobody to me , absolutely !
jyeahhh , I make it . I make it  fuckaaa !
I have my own life , and Im being happy with them !
happy with my moving . .
happy with the person I loved that much 
I have my family ,
I have my baby ,
I have my girlfriends ,
I have my boyfriends , 
I have a lots of people who adored me !
ohh , sometimes I do remember you but it doesnt mean anything to me .
I just , hmm just remember it because my membrane is still working . lol .
ahh , its nothing important anymore . .
I love what I have today , and gonna be love them as long as I still alive .
if Allah wills it . 
nahh , the most important thing is I love for being your bitter sweet candy bebehhh !
I love it , I swear ! 
mom , dad . . I heart you both till my last breath . Im your admired from the day I was born . 
siblings . . you're always be related to me no matter whats gonna happen . sista and brotha forever .
babyy . . I adored you because of your soft-hearted and well-natured . sure thing !
girlfriends-boyfriends . . I need you even though we're in a long distance . I meant it .
ohh-myy-gucci , I really love thing kinda feelings . 
Dear Allah , please lemme stay with them untill I close my eyes forever .
thank you sooo much cause lend me all of them in my short living here . .
Im sooo grateful , speechless .
and thank you too cause make me met with the wrong person in my life . it make me realized hows wonderful life i had with or without them all . I cant explain anymore .
its hurt and sick , but its soo felicitate . .
Alhamdulillah . . thank you Allah !

done typing by me :)
* special thanks sincerly from me :)

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