words after words

sometimes , our story were accidentally be the same ! but mine is still mines , and you are yours . I just kept mine . I laugh , yahh I do ! I cry , often . I smile , sure for every single day . I talk , always and still talking even when Im sick . thats so me ! I used to laugh , cry and talk everytime when its needed . Im poor thing , nothing special on me . just a lil girl who will make your day cheers , full of love and get into messy sometimes . Im sweet like a candy , but beware ! I'll make you regret of living if you try to bother my life . take a look here , happy stepping by !


Muhammad Hazif Bin Noorzan
thank you so much for always being there eventhough you are too busy with your own life . always lend me your ears to hear all my mumbling about everything that makes me crying , sad or else . always standing next to me when i need a friend to smile of . no words can describes how my feeling towards you . NO . sometimes i felt so ashamed , cause it seems like a lot of things (bad/good)happened since we've been together . arent' you feel that im burden or impose you ? im sorry sayang , i ddnt meant it . i really cant be the best for you , but i just wanted you to be around me cause im so scared about the past things . no matter what , i will always love you unless Allah want us to be apart . 
iloveyoumorethanwordscansay !

Eykazabell Binti Rosli

thank you so much for being there with me , no matter how i tried to hide my tears from you but you always can catch me! and with your words , "ignore" will make me realized that nothing are important than our own feelings . im awake with your spell words ! okay , im on my way to forget all that things . thanks gain dearr . iloveyousomuch !

Afiqah Binti Madzlan

thank you so much for lemme cry on your shoulder , always .  embarrassing ! i dont know how to control myself , im weak . but everytime you say that "pity you yumi ." you make me wanna cry over and over again . yaa , pity me cause i dont know how to make people comfortable and like me . thanks darl , iloveyousomuch !

Fatin Nazihah Mae Binti Zainal

thank you so much babe ! i dont know why i wanna share all my pain with you . you are special girl, i guess ;)really ! yaa , you are right . sometimes people are getting jelous that they cant accept others happiness .  human nature . whatever it is , im so happy to be one of loved one. iloveyousomuch !

Muhammad Afif Haziq MAH

thank you so much , that you always accept me no matter what they say bad about me . since we know each other , you always keep on loving and care about me . friend are forever , magic words that you keep on remind me daily . ;) sometimes i asked myself , arent' you getting tired to hear all my life story ? differents sex was not the problems , as long as we'r sincere to make friend with others right . iloveyousomuch !

p/s ; im so sorry guys that i take your photo without your permission . =,= and FYI , i love all this picture ! you guys inspired me now . thank you gucci ! iloveyou all freaking death ! :')                                                         

                            love , Nur Syafiqah Yumi Arisfadzilla

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