words after words

sometimes , our story were accidentally be the same ! but mine is still mines , and you are yours . I just kept mine . I laugh , yahh I do ! I cry , often . I smile , sure for every single day . I talk , always and still talking even when Im sick . thats so me ! I used to laugh , cry and talk everytime when its needed . Im poor thing , nothing special on me . just a lil girl who will make your day cheers , full of love and get into messy sometimes . Im sweet like a candy , but beware ! I'll make you regret of living if you try to bother my life . take a look here , happy stepping by !

again ^^

For a million times , I wanna say . . .
I love you babyy !
you meant too much for me .
thank you for everything that you've done for me .
i wiil never let you go , unless Allah do us apart .
eventhough , they dont like us to be together i will still stick with you .
that was my pinky promise to you , and never lemme go too :D
this is our fate , just accept it . 
take care yourself for me AND keep your heart warm for me babyy .
iloveyou and iloveyou . . .

Muhammad Hazif Noorzan , these is JUST for you . good night bloggers . mmuahhhhh ! *gedik :P
byebye !

P/s ; Allahhumma bismikaahyawaamut , dengan nama Allah aku hidup dan aku mati =,=

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